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Battery doesn’t work alone. A good battery doesn’t necessarily work well in any systems. We always believe in the value and importance of providing turnkey system to our client because it is our job to make the work of our client as simple as possible. More than 15 years of experience and a leading class of engineers in the fields of battery management system, lithium-ion battery technology, molding creation and structure design make it possible for us to deliver a perfect lithium-ion battery solution that meets both your technical needs and quality standards within your budget.

Good product is just the start of after sales service and support. Not only you are warranted for the battery cells, but the battery pack as a whole is warranted. In the design stage and after the delivery of our products, your feedback is always appreciated for improvement.

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Process of Customizationg

Lithium ion battery Integrate solutions

Directed By The Wise BRAIN

15 Years Experience in BMS Design

BMS Development Procedure
Product definition and target parameter calculation
.Based on customer's requirements for battery life and product

Sytem requirements and specifications
.Define the system specifications based on product requirements
.Functional requirements
.Safety requirements
.Technical requirements

Battery system requirements and analysis
Desgn system architecture and battery layout based on system requirements andspecifications and perform CAE&CFD analysis

Prototype test and development

Confirmation of battery system design
.Verify the compliance of system Requirements and system Architecture

Battery system design verification
.Verify functional,safety,regulatory and technical requirements integrity
.Battery system environment testing
.Reliability and durability testing

Battery system development and production acceptance
the of mold parts and mass production practice for environmental,reliability and durability acceptance